26 Brand New Loopable Animated Video Backgrounds Now Available Individually or as a Bundle

Animated Video Backgrounds

I’ve been busy in My Digital Laboratory creating some New Stuff you can only see with your eyes…

In fact, I think I still have some RGB pixels on my hands, eyelashes and nose.

So What’s New? Well…


. Twenty-six (26)…
. Brand New…
. Loopable…
. Animated Video Backgrounds…
. All in 1080p HD.

26 Animated Video Backgrounds for $25


• Image and Video Slideshows
• Backdrops Under Your Text
• Quick, Visual Transitions in Your Videos
• Making Your Own Video Intro

My New Animated Backgrounds are Only $5 each or $25 for the Entire Bundle of 26.

Check them out HERE (List of All) OR HERE (as a BUNDLE). ▼ ▼

~ Aaron James Lee \\ Owner of Media Varnish