VIDEO: Aaron James Lee Shows You How to Use the YouTube Editor in Under 323 Seconds – From Outer Space

Aaron in Outer Space

I would guess that a good majority of people (and maybe even a few cats) have dreamt of being an astronaut… or, at least, dreamt of going into Outer Space.

If you are one of those people (or cool felines) I’m going to let you live vicariously through ME for a moment. Because… I… am currently in Outer Space. In fact, I recorded this episode of my Video Blog FROM the cosmic dimension.

But more importantly… I’m going to teach You how to use the Free YouTube Video Editor to easily edit your videos and combine video clips. What are you waiting for? Watch Episode 01 below.

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More Video Intros & Video Blog Posts to Come.

~ Aaron James Lee \\ Owner of Media Varnish

Video Transcript


Hey there. I’m Aaron James Lee. Owner of Media Varnish. Wow! You look Amazing. Keep up it up? [thumb up]

Anyway… Welcome to my Video Blog. In this episode I’m going to show you how to use the Free YouTube Video Editor, in under 323 Seconds. But first…

In my LAST Video Blog Post I mentioned that, in my NEXT Video Blog Post, I might be in Outer Space (That’s THIS one). Well guess what? I am. Watch this…

See. I told you. I’m… in Outer Space.

So, I’ve been up here in Outer Space for about five days now. And you can get a little bit Space Loopy up here, after awhile.

So, I decided to throw a party. I invited some of my Earth friends and we played a few party games.

Let’s see what happens…



“Hello. I’m your Host, AJ Lee. Welcome to the Way-Off-Broadway version of the micro-game show made popular by David Letterman and the show that bears his name. This is, ‘Will it Float… In Space?'”

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For This Party Episode of “Will it Float? In Space?”, We’ll be using THIS object…

An email sent from Google Gmail. (Show an Email on screen)

Let’s meet our first (and only) contestant… Noraa…

[Noraa is shown waving]

(ding! ding! ding!)

Wait a minute… I’ve Just been informed that… EVERYTHING Floats in Outer space.

I guess EVERYONE’S a Winner!

I’m your host, AJ Lee.

Join us next week, when we take the planet Neptune and answer the question, “Will it Float? In Space?”



So… THAT happened. Okay… now it’s time for you to learn how to use the YouTube Video Editor in under 323 seconds.



To start, make sure you are singed in to your YouTube account. You’ll want to upload the video or videos you are going to edit, First, if you haven’t already. Once your videos are uploaded and published to YouTube, go to

Let’s look at the Video Editor layout:

These tabs along the top are as follows…

~ The Videos tab. This displays the videos that YOU have Uploaded to your YouTube Account.

~ The Creative Commons Videos tab. These are videos you may use in your Projects. They are under, what is called, a Creative Commons license. You can learn more about Creative Commons at

~ Next is the Photos tab. Here you may Upload photos from your computer and use them in the Edit.

~ The Music tab. This is a collection of pre-selected, FREE music tracks (called AudioSwap tracks) that you may use in your projects. (Note: Some AudioSwap tracks are subject to licensing agreements. This means certain tracks may include advertisements over your video project when it plays, so bear this in mind.)

~ Then, we have the Transitions tab. These are the presets you can use to transition between two video clips.

~ And Finally, the Text tab. Here you can add text to place over clips in your project.

~ This black rectangle, here, is the Project video player.

~ Here is the video track where you will arrange and edit your videos.

~ This is the Audio layer where you can add tracks from the Music tab.

And, dragging the zoom slider, here, will zoom your tracks in and out, once they are in the editor.

Okay. Start by going to the Video tab. Find the video you want to use first, then click and drag it onto the Video track. (Make sure you don’t click on the center of the thumbnail when you drag it. That will Play the video. Click it somewhere near the edges.)

You can make any available adjustments to the currently selected video here.

Click the X to go back to the Videos tab. Select and add your second video the same way.

If you want to split or cut your videos, move the time indicator to the point you want to split it and Click the scissors icon. Your video is now split. You can then, either move the split clips around or you can delete them by clicking the small x on the thumbnail that appears when you hover over it.

Now, adding an additional audio track to the entire project…

Unfortunately, at this time, you cannot add Your Own additional audio to the editor, but you CAN add one of the free tracks that YouTube provides in the Music tab I mentioned previously. Click the Music tab, preview some music tracks, select the song you want and click the + icon next to the track. This will automatically place it in the Audio track layer. If the song isn’t long enough for your project, click the + icon for that track to add it again or you can add a different song from the list in the same way. You can also adjust the volume for your tracks here.

As a note. You cannot edit these audio tracks. The songs will play from the beginning and play until the end of your video or until the end of the song.

If you want to add Transitions between each clip, click the Transitions tab and drag one of the transitions over the edges of two video clips and let go of your mouse button. You may add one transition between each clip.

To Overlay Text on a particular clip, Click the Text tab, drag the text type to the clip you want it be layered over. Type and style your text and make sure the Enable text box is checked. Again… click the X to go back to the main editor.

Now… Preview your Project, Give it a Title And Publish it.

To delete a current project or to make a new one, you can click the Project button and then either the delete button or the New Project Button.

Also, YouTube will auto-save your project edits… from where you left off. So, If you close the Editor page or log out of YouTube, Your edits will still be there when you come back.


I hope you enjoyed that tutorial.

Wow! You Really do look Amazing. Keep up the Good Work! And Thank You for watching. Live… FROM OUTERSPACE… I am Aaron James Lee. Welcome to Media Varnish.