Aaron James Lee

Media Varnish is a Multimedia Design and Production company located in Los Angeles, California. It is owned and operated by Aaron James Lee (that’s me) and specifically focuses on providing High-Quality Video Intros, Animations, Graphic Design, Music, and Website Design/Hosting at a reasonable price, to individuals and businesses. You Can Find Out More About Aaron Below.

Media Varnish Provides the Following Services:

Video Intros: Select one of the Pre-Built Video Intros I’ve created and I’ll customize it with your own text. Use your new Video Intro with your personal, non-profit or commercial business videos; adding that professional touch and creating strong branding and a positive connection in the minds of your viewers.

• Loopable 3D Animated Backgrounds: Select One or Choose a Bundle of Seamlessly-Loopable Animated Backgrounds from my Exclusive Collection for Your Video Projects. Usage Ideas: Add your own Text over an Animated Background, Overlay a Scaled-Down Inset Video or two, Add other Video Elements or Still Pictures, Create a Transition, Overlay Ending Credits, etc.

• Fully Custom-Made Videos: These videos cost more than the Pre-Built Video Intros mentioned above, but they are completely tailored to your requests… from scratch. Prices vary depending on the complexity of the request. To get a quote, please let me know exactly what you are looking for by emailing me at: [email protected].

• Website Design, Production, Hosting, and Maintenance: From a simple, one-page layout to a multi-page website, you can get everything created from start to finish right here. We can begin with your idea or I can design one for you. I also provide website hosting and maintenance for a worry-free experience.


Aaron James Lee

*AARON JAMES LEE: Media Varnish is owned and operated by Aaron James Lee (Oh… Hello There). For over a dozen years, I’ve been a Professional Right Brain / Left Brain Graphic Designer, 2D and 3D Motion Graphics and Visual Effects Artist, Singer/Songwriter, Author, Journalist (mainly covering mobile technology and all of that Digital, Geeky Stuff – Writing for Yahoo!, AOL and Examiner.com), Entertainer, Ice Skater, Illusionist (i.e., Magician), Thimble Juggler and All-Around Creative. I am also an avid collector of Dress Ties… AND T-Shirts with pictures of Organ Grinder Monkeys on them (You know… the tiny cute ones that wear those little felt hats and can’t legally pilot airplanes – But, MAN… those little monkeys can prepare a mean banana pudding – the Good kind… ya know… with Nilla wafers).

I’m semi-semi-famous for being Peter Pan’s YOUNGER Brother.

[FUN FACT: I know OVER 4,796 Fun Facts. That’s a fact. Wasn’t that Fun?] [Quotable Aaron: → As seen on a Post-it® note on my desk → “Note to Self: ‘Make more notes’.”]

I was also nominated in high school as the Guy most likely to list himself as the person to list himself in a list (it turns out, they were Totally right).

Max Value (Maxwell Value)

MAXWELL INGENIOUS VALUE: Max is the Digital Spokesperson for Media Varnish and an avid fan of Crunchy Peanut Butter. He has been with Media Varnish since before the beginning. Mr. Value is a delight to work with and he brings much more to the table than just a pretty, albeit, digital face. Max’s full name is MaxWell Ingenious Value and he hails from the planet Raxacoricofallapatorius (Yes, that IS a ‘Doctor Who’? reference…).

Max has a virtual dog (named Kat), two virtual cats (named Dogg & Pupp) and a golden-yellow finch (named, surprisingly, and appropriately, Bird). He’s not very good at understanding or communicating with his animals, so we, jokingly, call him ‘Dr. Don’t-Little’.

[FUN FACT: Max lost his birth certificate, but, when asked what city he was born in, he assures us he was born “in Transit”.] [Quotable Max: → “If all else fails, whip out the hair gel. Unless you’re in Germany. There, you Vhip it out!”]

(For the Curious) Here is a list of some of the Software and Tools I use to Create, Produce and Deliver your Content:

• Photoshop CC
• After Effects CC
• Illustrator CC
• Premiere Pro CC
• Edge Animate CC
• Edge Code CC
• Audition CC
• Lightroom CC
• Pieces of Paper, Steno Pads & Post-it® Notes
• Colored Pencils (they’re wireless and hold a charge, like, forever)

3D Modeling, Physics Simulation & Animation:
• Cinema 4D

Music Creation, Audio & Editing:
• Sony Acid Pro 7 (Including Multiple Plugins)

Other Physical Devices:
• Wacom Tablet
• Chewing Gum
• Coffee with Flavored Creamers (Canadian caramel, Irish cream, French vanilla, Greek cotton candy – in that order)


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