Video Backgrounds BUNDLE Major Update

Video Backgrounds BUNDLE PLUS

Recently, I’ve been busy creating and updating a bunch of Video Backgrounds. Now, there are 20 Video Background 3-PACKS. Meaning 60 Total Video Backgrounds. Each 3-PACK is Only $5… OR… You can get my Video Backgrounds BUNDLE +PLUS… for ONLY $25! That Includes: • . ALL 60 Video Backgrounds • . Plus, 21 … Continue reading

Brand New Video Transitions – Smoke 3-PACK

Video Transitions - Smoke 3-PACK

It’s January. That must mean it’s time for some new Video Products. It’s also pretty cold right now here in the United States, so I’ve been trying to keep myself warm. They say, “Where there’s Smoke – There’s Fire”. And Fire is WARM. I’ll probably create a Fire Element 3-PACK … Continue reading