Video Intros:
– Unless you specify a different file format, Video Intros are delivered in .MP4 by default (HD, 1920×1080). Video Intros can also be delivered in .WMV, .MOV, .AVI, .FLV, etc. (at no extra charge).

Video Backgrounds:
– All Video Backgrounds are delivered in .MP4 (HD, 1920×1080).

Video Elements:
– Most Video Elements are delivered in .MP4 (HD, 1920×1080). Video Elements that include Transparency (Like Rain or Snow on Transparency) are delivered in .MOV (HD, 1920×1080 with Alpha).

Music Tracks \ Music Packs:
– All Music Tracks and Music Packs are delivered in .MP3 and .WAV (44,100 Hz, 16 bit Stereo).